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Cycles render tests

Today, I’ve been trying the Cycles render engine on blender 2.57. Works a bit like Octane render, with live update in the viewport. Very cool. Check this vid : Fun with Cycles

Spook Cockpit

Lot of work, then holidays… then doing other things , all this did not help working fast on the Spook… But anyway, here is the progress on the cockpit , A small video looking inside:

Pendant ce temps, à Veracruz…

Front instruments panel done… Got myself trapped, started detailing like that… now have to continue… :/


Well , nothing really exciting on the Spook front… Been very slow on that. But anyway worked on the external stores. Did the TER (Triple Ejector Racks) and Mk 82s bombs with extended fuses. I plan to do the MER racks for the centerline pylon … Read More >

Today’s work

Did some Aim-7 Sparrow missiles for the Spook. Small corrections on the gun fairing shape : And some corrections done also on the rear part , near the blowpipes. But still some work to do there… :

iPad wallpaper compression …

Did myself a few iPad wallpapers with some wireframe Spook renders i like. But i have a problem… Why do some wallpapers, these in particular , appear highly compressed (like saved at low quality .jpg format) when they are set as wallpaper on the iPad … Read More >


Start of the year with an old thing… I think it dates back from summer 2005. This is a Dewoitine D-520 fighter I did during holidays , was intended to be integrated into the TargetWare 0.64 combat flight sim, never was. Started the cockpit model, but … Read More >

Mental Mig

Since i learned a lot doing MR renders with the Mirage IIIC model, been trying some renders of my old MiG-21 model in Mental-Ray. Some work on the textures and shaders are necessary to get a good look. The textures needs to be darkened and … Read More >

Finn modeling done…

But i’m soooo slow :/…. anyway it’s done. Two versions , one with hairs and one with helmet & goggles. UVs unwrapping almost finished too… Images : Here a wire view of a part of the unsmoothed mesh : Next will start a normal map…

Small progress…

On that pilot… Done the hairs, will do a version with flying helmet and googgles. Refined the mesh here and there…

MezeK WallPapers

Care for some Wallpapers ? Some of my MezeK renders, in 1600×1200 format, can can makes good desktop picts… specially old wip render #10. Grab them here : Cheers


Ok, so this will be Finn’s plane: With BIG teeth. Small work done on it so far : Done only a profil to use as « scaleplan », for the upper view , it will be guesswork… Cheers