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KittyHawk progress

Small progress done on Finn’s plane, too slow, too much work these days… :

Finn Rigged

And showing me how he downed many Jerrys… The guy is such a show-off. Here some vids and some stills showing postures and expressions… Hum… Still have to learn a lot about animating… But it’s really amusing to do. Now, I will move to the … Read More >

Finn moving…

Well just his face… for the moment. Here below, a viewport anim of the fews facial expressions done for him : If movie doesn’t show, here a ->link<- to it. And here some other renders with the normal map :

Finn modeling done…

But i’m soooo slow :/…. anyway it’s done. Two versions , one with hairs and one with helmet & goggles. UVs unwrapping almost finished too… Images : Here a wire view of a part of the unsmoothed mesh : Next will start a normal map…


Ok, so this will be Finn’s plane: With BIG teeth. Small work done on it so far : Done only a profil to use as « scaleplan », for the upper view , it will be guesswork… Cheers