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Ok, so this will be Finn’s plane: With BIG teeth. Small work done on it so far : Done only a profil to use as « scaleplan », for the upper view , it will be guesswork… Cheers

« Finn »… and eventually his plane…

After doing the Mezek, i wanted to do another cartoon plane, but had to finish that Mirage model first… Done. Here i show early work on the pilot, i would like it to look a bit like the gorillaz group cartoon characters from Jamie Hewlett. … Read More >

1er post …

Comme test , je poste ici des images du Mirage que je n’avais pas posté sur MM. Et voilà un lien vers la gallerie du Mirage IIIc . Gros plan du pif… As a first post test, here are some Mirage images i didn’t posted … Read More >