Archives par mois : janvier 2011

Boom II (and a bit of cockpit…)

Ok , so here is the MER finished and loaded with Mk82s… If i want to put these on the external wings stations, will have to do some specific pylons, cause they are different than the ones holding the tanks. Also worked on the cockpit, … Read More >

New Mezek renders…

Well i still like a lot that Mezek model … So did two new images recently. A bit more Photoshop postwork on these than on the old ones… Maybe will do more. I’m thinking of turning this into a toon Bf109G… Mmmh will see…

Pixel mag

Finn and his Kittyhawk made the first 2011 cover of the Czech professional CG magazine Pixel. Good start of the year, he was quite happy.


Well , nothing really exciting on the Spook front… Been very slow on that. But anyway worked on the external stores. Did the TER (Triple Ejector Racks) and Mk 82s bombs with extended fuses. I plan to do the MER racks for the centerline pylon … Read More >

2011 First image

Happy New Year ! Well i’ve not been very active these last weeks… but anyway here my first 2011 image. Still working on that Spook model, very slowly, nothing much to show…Seeya later, and all the best 2011.