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Corsican Pelican

I’ve spent two wonderful weeks in Corsica, and well… It’s difficult to have motivation for 3d when you’re here ;p : Still managed to unwrap some bits of the Spook model… : And on the aviation related side, I was able to visit the Sécurité-Civile … Read More >


Spook cockpit Wall…

Here a Spook cockpit iPad wallpaper. Grab it here : Spook218 1024×1024 (Right-click ->open in new window…) And also , just to show what i did yesterday evening and a bit today (not Much…) , a screenshot , the hi-lighted things are new : Edit: … Read More >

Stick & Throttle



And not to be too bored with these blue-grey wip renders, i took the Spook for a bombing mission in the Cycles render engine…

Details, details…

Update on that Spook cockpit… Added a lot of small bits and things , like cockpit lights (still have to put some wires to these) , cockpit opening and jetisson handles and mecanisms, Landing Gear crtl, Hook Ctrl, Emergecy brake crtl, panels … ect,ect.. and … Read More >

Yesterday’s work

Here yesterday’s work, added some details around the canopy frame, rivets , handles, ect… :

Cycles render tests

Today, I’ve been trying the Cycles render engine on blender 2.57. Works a bit like Octane render, with live update in the viewport. Very cool. Check this vid : Fun with Cycles

Spook Cockpit

Lot of work, then holidays… then doing other things , all this did not help working fast on the Spook… But anyway, here is the progress on the cockpit , A small video looking inside:


So here is the slow work on that cockpit. Been doing the front right console (and its not finished yet…). This will be a early unslatted wings F-4E cockpit. The instruments layout varies greatly between all the F-4Es models, « hardwings », slatted wings… not to talk … Read More >

Pendant ce temps, à Veracruz…

Front instruments panel done… Got myself trapped, started detailing like that… now have to continue… :/


Some views of the work done on the radar scope, optical sight unit and other details.

Boom II (and a bit of cockpit…)

Ok , so here is the MER finished and loaded with Mk82s… If i want to put these on the external wings stations, will have to do some specific pylons, cause they are different than the ones holding the tanks. Also worked on the cockpit, … Read More >