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Corsican Pelican

I’ve spent two wonderful weeks in Corsica, and well… It’s difficult to have motivation for 3d when you’re here ;p :

Still managed to unwrap some bits of the Spook model… :

And on the aviation related side, I was able to visit the Sécurité-Civile firebomber base in Ajaccio !

Walk around the CL-415 Canadair, get inside, sit in cockpit, chat with the pilot… Fun fun fun , happy Galgot :)
The first image of this post is a pict of a drawing painted by Canadair crews on the
sail of their sailing-team boat. Nice he ?
Some more images of the CL-415 « Pelican 38″ :

Many many thanks to my great friends from Corsica, Audrey and Stef for their hospitality and kindness. And to Pierre the Canadair pilot !

Cheers :)

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  1. Le 2 oct ’11 à 12 h 01 min | Permalien

    Je rentre de Corse également, camping a coté de l’aéroport, pas oser aller jusqu’à la Sécurité Civile, j’aurai du ^^