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I’ve always liked icons, make some occasionally for my personal use. I like especially old systems ones, from Mac OS Classic of course, but others too, Like BeOS, NeXTSTEP. Always found NeXTSTEP to have the most elegant interface of all, with that very sober windows … Read More >



I’m sad today… Nice video here.


Corsican Pelican

I’ve spent two wonderful weeks in Corsica, and well… It’s difficult to have motivation for 3d when you’re here ;p : Still managed to unwrap some bits of the Spook model… : And on the aviation related side, I was able to visit the Sécurité-Civile … Read More >

Cloclo’s Dora

I was cleaning up stuff in my office yesterday and came across this. Maybe it can be of some interest … Here is the story : In 2001, i was doing some planes profiles for a french aviation magazine. One day the editor came in … Read More >

Franz Pervitin

Some 2D stuff for a change… These are some character studies for a cartoon german WWII pilot, of the same kind as Finn … an ace of course, but a very stressed and nervous one, heavily addicted to Pervitin (methamphetamines, also known as « Göring’s Pill » … Read More >

The old Mule…

Ten years ago, i did a small online monograph about the Avia S-199 Mezek, using the nickname « P.Willowood »… That website was called « The Mule Index ». In fact my cartoon Mezek model was inspired by an earlier drawing I had done for that site… There was … Read More >


While i’m still slowly unwarping the Kittyhawk UVs and modeling the Spook, I take time to play with the iPad. Here is a iPad wallpaper done with SketchBook : Color correction and resizing in Photoshop (cause sketchBook doesn’t make 1024×1024 images :/ ). Tried to … Read More >

-17 …

A friend recommended me to get « G-Suit », a book about mid-east air combats. The first combat story is with a very low flying MiG-17… Good book. Here again an iPad drawing. A break from 3d. Well … hope it’s not too bad…

Waiting for my plane…

Yeah… he’s waiting for these 3d P-40 and F-4 planes to be done… Will show some progress later. Anyway, that’s another drawing done with the iPad. but this time not using my finger but a TnB stylus. After trying a friend’s Pogo Stylus, i didn’t … Read More >


Hum… Yes… Bought one… First try of SketchBook Pro for iPad. Fun . also tried a Pogo Sketch stylus, works well, but not as reactive and precise as with a usual tablet of course. Anyway , Nice toy ;p

Gilbert’s Pony

A drawing done some time ago for a friend… … a lucky man.


Ok, so this will be Finn’s plane: With BIG teeth. Small work done on it so far : Done only a profil to use as « scaleplan », for the upper view , it will be guesswork… Cheers