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Franz Pervitin

Some 2D stuff for a change…

These are some character studies for a cartoon german WWII pilot, of the same kind as Finn

an ace of course, but a very stressed and nervous one, heavily addicted to Pervitin (methamphetamines, also known as « Göring’s Pill » ). Check links:
Had the idea of this character after seeing an excellent Tv documentary on french/german channel Arte about the use of Pervitin in the german armies of WWII and how it led to hundreds of thousands of speed addicted soldiers.
Note it was also used on the allies side as Benzedrine.
Crazy stuff… And not very funny, but anyway could make a good base for a character maybe …
His face design is not frozen yet, still undecided how he will really look like… Just trying…

Same for his toon Bf-109, it’s the first sketch, and it’s defitively not enough « Toony ».