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Half-Toon Würger

About a month ago i had an idea of another toon fighter, this time a Fw-190A. Did some drawings, and after that couldn’t get it out of my head. So decided to model it before working on the Spook ejection seat. Also spent some time … Read More >

Franz Pervitin

Some 2D stuff for a change… These are some character studies for a cartoon german WWII pilot, of the same kind as Finn … an ace of course, but a very stressed and nervous one, heavily addicted to Pervitin (methamphetamines, also known as « Göring’s Pill » … Read More >


While i’m still slowly unwarping the Kittyhawk UVs and modeling the Spook, I take time to play with the iPad. Here is a iPad wallpaper done with SketchBook : Color correction and resizing in Photoshop (cause sketchBook doesn’t make 1024×1024 images :/ ). Tried to … Read More >

-17 …

A friend recommended me to get « G-Suit », a book about mid-east air combats. The first combat story is with a very low flying MiG-17… Good book. Here again an iPad drawing. A break from 3d. Well … hope it’s not too bad…

Waiting for my plane…

Yeah… he’s waiting for these 3d P-40 and F-4 planes to be done… Will show some progress later. Anyway, that’s another drawing done with the iPad. but this time not using my finger but a TnB stylus. After trying a friend’s Pogo Stylus, i didn’t … Read More >

« Finn »… and eventually his plane…

After doing the Mezek, i wanted to do another cartoon plane, but had to finish that Mirage model first… Done. Here i show early work on the pilot, i would like it to look a bit like the gorillaz group cartoon characters from Jamie Hewlett. … Read More >