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Half-Toon Würger

About a month ago i had an idea of another toon fighter, this time a Fw-190A.

Did some drawings, and after that couldn’t get it out of my head. So decided to model it before working on the Spook ejection seat.
Also spent some time to rig it completely.
Note i had to shorten the landing-gear legs from my drawing, cause it wouldn’t retract correctly.

Ended up detailing far too much for a toon, hence « half-toon ». Not completely satisfied, cause while the general shape is toony as i wanted, the details are a bit too realistic…
Finished the modeling today , so to celebrate here a bunch of renders .

4 commentaires

  1. Le 29 juil ’11 à 11 h 03 min | Permalien

    Superbe, comme d’habitude :)

  2. Le 5 août ’11 à 13 h 46 min | Permalien

    tiens mais c’est nouveau !

    • Le 5 août ’11 à 15 h 51 min | Permalien

      Hello Renaud !
      Voui en effet. C’est nouveau.
      Ça m’arrive de commencer de nouveaux trucs qq fois,
      Mais il faut que j’arrive à les finir :p