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Orthographic Würger

Here some orthographic renders and details of that half-toon Fw-190-A8. On this interesting link bellow : Luftwaffe in Scale See the difference with a realistic shaped Fw 190A-8. detail : Visible on the detail , under the wing, there is still some noise… That’s from … Read More >


Der Psychotath

Until very recently unknown was this Luftwaffe ace, said to have scored even more kills than the famous Erich Hartmann. Kept secret because the Luftwaffe considered him like a kind « V-Waffe » wonder weapon of some sort , due to his success . His definitive score … Read More >


Schwarze Katze

It was a loooonnng break … Anyway , motivation coming back slowly. done very few modeling, just some small things on the Spook model and some few other things, will try to post more often. Also finally textured that ToonWürger… Here is a first image … Read More >



Worked a bit on it yesterday , so here is the progress on that Würger pilot sculpt. Polycount is 1618106 … doing details such as belt buckles, zip fasteners… ect , is what increases polycount a lot. So i try to sculpt one detail then … Read More >


Pilot progress

Sculptris is a very addictive tool. Here are the progress on that Würger Pilot : Btw, i try to follow this : Franz Pervitin Post…


Würger Rig show-off

here is a small vid showing how that Toon Fw-190 is rigged, if this can be of some interest : Wurger Rig from Gaël Elégoët on Vimeo. And here the very start of the pilot, this afternoon. In Sculptris A6 , very nice soft : … Read More >


Half-Toon Würger

About a month ago i had an idea of another toon fighter, this time a Fw-190A. Did some drawings, and after that couldn’t get it out of my head. So decided to model it before working on the Spook ejection seat. Also spent some time … Read More >