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Der Psychotath

Until very recently unknown was this Luftwaffe ace, said to have scored even more kills than the famous Erich Hartmann. Kept secret because the Luftwaffe considered him like a kind « V-Waffe » wonder weapon of some sort , due to his success . His definitive score is yet unknown …

Hans pervitin was so « deadly » that it would shoot down almost anything he would meet in the air. This caused some problems when serving in regular Luftwaffe units as he shot several German planes and even some of his wingmens…

After more incidents of that kind that could be tolerable, A special unit was created for him , SonderJagdGruppe « PervitinVerrückt », with some volunteers pilots agreeing to fly with him. But those where very few. He ended flying most of the time alone …
In 1945 , he volunteered to join Me-262 unit JV-44, but general Galland refused, saying Hans pervitin flying a Me-262 would be terrible for the enemy, but also too dangerous to the precious few other jets the Luftwaffe had at the time…

Hans disappeared in flight in 1945. From various testimonies we know he was very disturbed (…more than usual) the morning of his last mission, saying he was obsessed by recurrent dreams he had of a red kitten named Stalin sleeping on his bed … He was never to be seen again.
These pictures of exceptional historical value shows his Focke-Wulf 190A-8 black 13 ,  having a white undulated fourth gruppe marking, maybe because it was considered the fourth gruppe of another regular unit, and the SJG- »PervitinVerrückt » red and black fuselage bands.
Hans pervitin personal markings consisted of a black cat drawing and « Schwarze Katze » name beneath the cockpit, and a big furious cat mouth painted on the plane nose.
The victories marks on the fin and rudder doesn’t show all of his kills, but it shows that at one time he didn’t had enough place on the rudder to paint them on, and started painting them even on the fin on top of the swastika…

—End of pseudo-serious text here— As you can see, finished more useless work. The Wurger pilot, not very sympathetic guy. He’s called Hans, and no more Franz like the earlier project… don’t know why i changed the name.
Also it’s completely redone only in Blender , just gave up finishing the previous Sculptris model for it. Was fun , but i was lazy having to retopo the model and rig it in Blender. So this one is not rigged, just posed as it is, can only move the eyes… Also wanted it to have a more toon look than the sculptris model.
Will prepare some more detailed views and some profiles later, and maybe some in flight shots. But will have to make an equipped version of the pilot.
Anyway, i’m happy with it.

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