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What?! 2014?!!

A year… No update for a year. Well well… I had to re-learn how to correctly post something on that WordPress :p All that was due to a range of things, laziness, less and less interest in starting or continuing super complex (for me) projects … Read More >


Orthographic Würger

Here some orthographic renders and details of that half-toon Fw-190-A8. On this interesting link bellow : Luftwaffe in Scale See the difference with a realistic shaped Fw 190A-8. detail : Visible on the detail , under the wing, there is still some noise… That’s from … Read More >


Der Psychotath

Until very recently unknown was this Luftwaffe ace, said to have scored even more kills than the famous Erich Hartmann. Kept secret because the Luftwaffe considered him like a kind « V-Waffe » wonder weapon of some sort , due to his success . His definitive score … Read More >



Worked a bit on it yesterday , so here is the progress on that Würger pilot sculpt. Polycount is 1618106 … doing details such as belt buckles, zip fasteners… ect , is what increases polycount a lot. So i try to sculpt one detail then … Read More >


Pilot progress

Sculptris is a very addictive tool. Here are the progress on that Würger Pilot : Btw, i try to follow this : Franz Pervitin Post…


Würger Rig show-off

here is a small vid showing how that Toon Fw-190 is rigged, if this can be of some interest : Wurger Rig from Gaël Elégoët on Vimeo. And here the very start of the pilot, this afternoon. In Sculptris A6 , very nice soft : … Read More >

Franz Pervitin

Some 2D stuff for a change… These are some character studies for a cartoon german WWII pilot, of the same kind as Finn … an ace of course, but a very stressed and nervous one, heavily addicted to Pervitin (methamphetamines, also known as « Göring’s Pill » … Read More >