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What?! 2014?!!

A year… No update for a year.

Well well… I had to re-learn how to correctly post something on that WordPress :p

All that was due to a range of things, laziness, less and less interest in starting or continuing super complex (for me) projects (read the Spook:/) , less interest in spending time reading and looking for documentation on warplanes, not more much fun in that… The problem is each time i start a project, i say to myself « this time i want to keep it simple » , then it starts all over again and i add details… And i have hard time managing that now.
Work also (i mean the one that pays the bills) takes time. And also , new interests (my Macintosh computers collection, MacOS and Linux…maybe more on that later) makes me busy.

Not that i have done no personal CG stuff in 2013 :) but really few things. No big projects, and mostly things done using old models and renders.
And i still like this blog. Vanitas vanitatum sed omnia vanitas. So decided to prepare a few posts showing these small things. Just trying to fill a bit of that 2013 blog emptiness :D here the first one.

So ! First 3d printing test. wanted to try for some time. Started with a simple thing, just a Hans pervitin Bust .

Had to prepare the mesh for 3d Printing, that is : fill all the « opened » meshes like the inside of the cap,…

base of the neck and oher things, cutting the harms, making a hollow stand to save a bit on printing material.  And weld all the pieces together as one Obj file.

Ordered it at Sculpteo.com, fast and pretty good service.

Sculpteo allow for intersecting parts, so you can combine together closed meshes. It has a lot of choices of materials too.

Done the thing only 10cm high, in cheapest white plastic  material, and it’s still 46 €… Bah…

All in all, i was impressed by the details, even the cap visor, witch i was afraid would be too thin turned out well.

Only problem is that the printing layers are very visible , I should have taken « polished white plastic » as material. Anyway, was happy for a first try.