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3d on a PowerBook

One of the first 3d software I used for work was StrataStudio pro, I remember using Adobe Dimension and Mesh3D before that but really started doing detailed works on Strata. Was in 1999, was doing things with Dimension, remember doing a V-1, But the thing … Read More >


PowerBooks 100 series

The intention was to do some icons of PowerBook 1XXs, But with slightly exaggerated distinctive features to make it look more « toy » like, bigger hinges covers, bigger rotating feet…Thicker , and so on. I ended up over-modeling the thing as usual, but it looks good … Read More >


NeXTSpirit Set 2

Time for an update for that poor old blog. So i had a bit of time to finish a second NeXTSpirit icon set. This time focused on OS X system folders and few apps, most of the icons are adaptations of NeXTStep icons to a … Read More >



I’ve always liked icons, make some occasionally for my personal use. I like especially old systems ones, from Mac OS Classic of course, but others too, Like BeOS, NeXTSTEP. Always found NeXTSTEP to have the most elegant interface of all, with that very sober windows … Read More >


The Book-Box

This is an idea i had for a while… With my Macintosh portable computer collection growing, i need something to store them in a elegant and convenient way. back when i was a kid, when parents a I travelled oversea and changed places, we used … Read More >


‘Books Show-off

Not much about Aviation, 3d or cg graphic… But here is my blog , so i can post about what ever crap i want, isn’t it ? My other big interest are Apple computers and their systems. I like to play with it, test old … Read More >

Waiting for my plane…

Yeah… he’s waiting for these 3d P-40 and F-4 planes to be done… Will show some progress later. Anyway, that’s another drawing done with the iPad. but this time not using my finger but a TnB stylus. After trying a friend’s Pogo Stylus, i didn’t … Read More >


Hum… Yes… Bought one… First try of SketchBook Pro for iPad. Fun . also tried a Pogo Sketch stylus, works well, but not as reactive and precise as with a usual tablet of course. Anyway , Nice toy ;p