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NeXTSpirit Set 2

Time for an update for that poor old blog.
So i had a bit of time to finish a second NeXTSpirit icon set. This time focused on OS X system folders and few apps, most of the icons are adaptations of NeXTStep icons to a modern OS X system, that just never existed in NeXTStep.

Others are hires versions of existing NeXTStep icons, like Librarian app that can be used for the Library folder in OS X, or the Grab app camera can be used for the preview app in OS X…

Also all done in Blender 2.70, postwork in Photoshop.
The all set looks like this :

Again I’ve done two Disk images , one for 512×512 only and one for Retina icons.

Here for the Retinas ( 60 MB, Heavy !) :

And here for the 512×512 :

UPDATE : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (and earlier) users may have problem applying the ones above on their systems, seems there was a change in the icon format from 10.4 Tiger to 10.5 Leopard, not only in size. So I’ve made specific 128×128 ones that works on Tiger. Didn’t tried on an earlier system, but it should work. Compressed in Stuffit format to keep the mac files resource forks, apparently was still needed on Tiger, I’ve tried zipping it, but when unzipped, I got generic folders… Anyway, here are the two sets for 10.4 and earlier :


Feel free to redistribute, but if so, please leave the set complete together with this Readme. Thanks.
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