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PowerBooks 100 series

The intention was to do some icons of PowerBook 1XXs, But with slightly exaggerated distinctive features to make it look more « toy » like, bigger hinges covers, bigger rotating feet…Thicker , and so on. I ended up over-modeling the thing as usual, but it looks good at closeup.

First is the JLPGA PowerBook 170 from 1992, of which approx 500 copies were manufactured to commemorate the JLPGA golf tournament in Japan . Case pieces were molded in different plastic colours. It’s one of the rarest Apple machine.

Next is a PowerBook 170 wreck that would not worth 5 € on a flee market :

Then comes a very Frenchy PowerBop 180, first ever wireless apple laptop. Classy :

And finally a German PowerBook 180c, with that strange light grey keyboard :

I packed these images as a wallpaper set, download here :

And the originally intended icon set :

All done in Blender 2.75, postwork in Photoshop.
downloads here :
Tiger-Leo Set
512×512 Set
Retina Set

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