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BW study and a cover

Old Mirage IIIC model this time in black and white photo look. Opened that model again and did that image because an old render did the cover of the « Fana de l’Aviation » magazine special issue on the Mirage III. It’s in fact a modification of … Read More >


Red Hot Chili Pepper

No… not the band. But a Aeroplane too, still that Boeing 2707-200 SST , this time in Brannif International « Orange Jelly Bean » livery. Like this 707, my orange color is a bit more reddish though… Again, for non-commercial and only personal use of course. Please be … Read More >



Yes a plane ! Can you believe ?… This is a model of the Boeing 2707-200 SST project. The aerodynamic concept was very sound, having a delta wing platform for supersonic cruise, best shape for it, and a low sweep wing platform for takeoff and … Read More >


PowerBooks 100 series

The intention was to do some icons of PowerBook 1XXs, But with slightly exaggerated distinctive features to make it look more « toy » like, bigger hinges covers, bigger rotating feet…Thicker , and so on. I ended up over-modeling the thing as usual, but it looks good … Read More >


Deltas Fight

Ok, well, i’ve always dreamed of making a good aviation film…Imagine that .I don’t have much talent for animation, but i’ve tried a short anim with my old MiG and Mirage models. Learned AfterEffects, Maya dynamics/particles… ect for that. Very slowly as usual. that’s what … Read More >


Cheap fuel.

That was the time… Kool & The gang , King Crimson, Françoise Hardy… The DS, the Renault R16 , Apollo, « La Séquence du Spectateur » on Tv  (well , i’m French…)…Ect… And silver fighter jets burning cheap fuel with lot of smoke. A friend kindly provided … Read More >


Renders 663 and 667.

So this is a kind of follow-up of these « Miroir, mon beau miroir » images… It’s from the bunch of renders i did at the time, but didn’t set in a scene properly… Now it’s done for that one at least . Still continue with that … Read More >


Summer iPad Wallpaper #3

Third from KittyHawk/Finn iPad wallpaper serie. DOWNLOAD ZIP HERE or DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Right-click, open in new window). Please be kind to read the – TERM OF USE – of the images included in this site.


iPad KittyHawk Wall…

I sometime make some iPad wallpapers with my images for my own use , you can find some few posted here on this blog… But will try to post some more often. Here is one from a new serie done with the Kittyhawk/Finn models. DOWNLOAD … Read More >