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Deltas Fight

Ok, well, i’ve always dreamed of making a good aviation film…Imagine that .I don’t have much talent for animation, but i’ve tried a short anim with my old MiG and Mirage models. Learned AfterEffects, Maya dynamics/particles… ect for that. Very slowly as usual. that’s what … Read More >


Cheap fuel.

That was the time… Kool & The gang , King Crimson, Françoise Hardy… The DS, the Renault R16 , Apollo, « La Séquence du Spectateur » on Tv  (well , i’m French…)…Ect… And silver fighter jets burning cheap fuel with lot of smoke. A friend kindly provided … Read More >

Welcome to Wadesdah

As a break from the Spook cockpit modeling, i did a new « skin » for the MiG-21, together with renders. I think i will make it a habit… It’s good for the head. When i have really no motivation for modeling, i force myself to put … Read More >

Old renders…

No modeling… but a lot of photoshoping. This WE i tried giving the kind of treatment i used on my Shahak#59 book images on some of my many MiG-21 renders. But with a kind of more old pictures look. Hope it makes the trick… Also … Read More >

And wallpaper again !

Yes! two post in a day…Did that shot with a MiG render one evening, trying to fake an hdr photo with photoshop. well , it doesn’t look really hdr, but more like an old picture. And it’s my wallpaper now :) One 1024×1024 iPad format … Read More >

MiG Wires…

Someone asked me to see some wires and how the parts are broke-up on my old MiG model… So here. First two images shows the meshes unsmoothed : And here a screen showing smoothed Fuselage parts, canopy, fin… Wings are left unsmoothed. Cheers

New adversary…

For my Mirage. MiG-21FL or early PFM (Type 77) Nmr 5081 of Egyptian Air Force in the 70′s, for future fighting renders. Finally took the time to make a new livery, and a some colour and spec textures that looks good for MentalRay render…

Mental Mig

Since i learned a lot doing MR renders with the Mirage IIIC model, been trying some renders of my old MiG-21 model in Mental-Ray. Some work on the textures and shaders are necessary to get a good look. The textures needs to be darkened and … Read More >