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Turn Aroundz

Back to old stuffs posting.Even back from 2012, but was never posted here. First is a engine startup of Finn’s KittyHawk , watch the sound. Visible in HD/Full-screen on Vimeo : And much quieter, a turn around of that old MezeK model :


Deltas Fight

Ok, well, i’ve always dreamed of making a good aviation film…Imagine that .I don’t have much talent for animation, but i’ve tried a short anim with my old MiG and Mirage models. Learned AfterEffects, Maya dynamics/particles… ect for that. Very slowly as usual. that’s what … Read More >


Did the engines on that Spook Blender model, modeling was easy, but the rigging of the nozzle petals was a slow learning experience :D Anyway, it works now: Also refined and finished the slatted wing… : Still some areas to refine on the fuselage mesh…

Modeling Finished

This project was on sleep since i started the Spook in Blender. Anyway, must finish that cartoonish P-40 and pilot one day. So here is Finn’s plane modeling and rigging finished. He seems quiet happy with the work. Me too… Kind of like better the … Read More >

Finn Rigged

And showing me how he downed many Jerrys… The guy is such a show-off. Here some vids and some stills showing postures and expressions… Hum… Still have to learn a lot about animating… But it’s really amusing to do. Now, I will move to the … Read More >

Finn moving…

Well just his face… for the moment. Here below, a viewport anim of the fews facial expressions done for him : If movie doesn’t show, here a ->link<- to it. And here some other renders with the normal map :