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And wallpaper again !

Yes! two post in a day…Did that shot with a MiG render one evening, trying to fake an hdr photo with photoshop. well , it doesn’t look really hdr, but more like an old picture. And it’s my wallpaper now :)
One 1024×1024 iPad format :

And one 1600×1000…

Mainwhile here are the state of the current projects: Unwarpping Finn’s Kittyhawk is neeaaaaarly finished. Most parts are done. Still have to decide if i use two or three 4096×4096 pixels maps and place the UV cells accordingly … cause now it’s a mess.

…Didn’t work much on the spook lately… only did the fin-rudder and some few details. I’m having difficulties finding good references on the back end of the arresting hook.


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  1. Ycaker
    Le 14 août ’10 à 4 h 42 min | Permalien

    Hi Galgot, love your 3d works, Can i ask you a question or 2 about uv maping and texuring the aircrafts?

    I saw your mig 21 nad mirage 3 and did a mig 15 my self, i’m stucked at the tuxturing section was wondering how your do ur rivits and trought lines and if it is possible to get a sample of ur mapping??

  2. Le 20 août ’10 à 21 h 49 min | Permalien

    Hi Ycaker, sorry for this late response.
    I usually first draw the rivets and structures lines in Illustrator, on the UV map, then i import them as vector paths in Photoshop. So i can assign any brush shape to these vector paths. For the bigger screws and rivets, i some time place them one by one. I use some that i’ve done myself, you can find some here :
    As for some texture samples, i posted some on this thread at 
    Textures samples
    Hope this can help.

  3. Ycaker
    Le 1 sept ’10 à 7 h 52 min | Permalien

    thank you very much. looking at the samples it’s great help,
    here’s the texture that i tried before seeing your reply and your sample

    after seeing your texture samples i guess my problem was the way i unwrap the UV that caused overand under stretching.

  4. Le 9 sept ’10 à 20 h 51 min | Permalien

    Indeed… ;)

    (En fèt je kapte rin’..!)



  5. Le 3 oct ’10 à 12 h 59 min | Permalien

    Great MiG-21 portrait!