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Turn Aroundz

Back to old stuffs posting.Even back from 2012, but was never posted here. First is a engine startup of Finn’s KittyHawk , watch the sound. Visible in HD/Full-screen on Vimeo : And much quieter, a turn around of that old MezeK model :


Summer iPad Wallpaper #2

Here a second one from that KittyHawk/Finn iPad wallpaper serie. DOWNLOAD ZIP HERE or DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Right-click, open in new window). Please be kind to read the – TERM OF USE – of the images included in this site.


iPad KittyHawk Wall…

I sometime make some iPad wallpapers with my images for my own use , you can find some few posted here on this blog… But will try to post some more often. Here is one from a new serie done with the Kittyhawk/Finn models. DOWNLOAD … Read More >

Pixel mag

Finn and his Kittyhawk made the first 2011 cover of the Czech professional CG magazine Pixel. Good start of the year, he was quite happy.


Playing with Finn and his Kittyhawk… Did two more renders Also worked on the Spook today , Corrected the canopy shape a bit , and added some fuel tanks :

Smokin’ Tiger

Finished Finn and his plane some time ago, and spend time doing bunch of renders. very pleasant and relaxing just to do renders ones the model is finished… after UVs , texturing, rigging… ect … Blahhh… I’ve spend too much time on this. Btw , … Read More >

Fuselage Bump done… (And wing update).

Finished this Weekend. Did the greyscale bump map in Photoshop, then converted it to a normal map with Gimp… Cause the Nvidia normal map Photoshop plugin doesn’t work on MacOS … Anyway works very well with Gimp. Go figure why Photoshop doesn’t have a normal … Read More >

3 weeks without computer…

That was a long time it didn’t happen to me … Just to say these are not my holidays pictures. Came back last week, finished the UV set up for three 4096×4096 pixels maps, and just started the fuselage map… Here some images.

And wallpaper again !

Yes! two post in a day…Did that shot with a MiG render one evening, trying to fake an hdr photo with photoshop. well , it doesn’t look really hdr, but more like an old picture. And it’s my wallpaper now :) One 1024×1024 iPad format … Read More >

Modeling Finished

This project was on sleep since i started the Spook in Blender. Anyway, must finish that cartoonish P-40 and pilot one day. So here is Finn’s plane modeling and rigging finished. He seems quiet happy with the work. Me too… Kind of like better the … Read More >

KittyHawk progress

Small progress done on Finn’s plane, too slow, too much work these days… :

Finn Rigged

And showing me how he downed many Jerrys… The guy is such a show-off. Here some vids and some stills showing postures and expressions… Hum… Still have to learn a lot about animating… But it’s really amusing to do. Now, I will move to the … Read More >