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Smokin’ Tiger

Finished Finn and his plane some time ago, and spend time doing bunch of renders. very pleasant and relaxing just to do renders ones the model is finished… after UVs , texturing, rigging… ect … Blahhh… I’ve spend too much time on this.

Btw , his complete name is Finn O’nezetrigerr ( Irish descent i think…). Was a Flight-Lieutenant of the 112 Sqn, at Gambut , libya in 1942. 112 Sqn was famous for their shark-mouth nose art P-40, Finn added a cigar to it and named his plane « Smokin’ Tiger ». He had a few kills , and a funny way to display them on his plane, dead Adolf Hitler skulls painted on the cockpit side.
Rest of the story unknown for the moment…

So here the images, first one is my fav, GunsFire-HorsePower… the rest are more peaceful, kind of a presentation of the plane and pilot.

Will see if i get more ideas for images later…

Edit : Recalculated a render for the prop with a better motion blur for the first image #161… looks better i hope. But it multiplies the render time 10x :/
Anyway, i had to learn how to do correct motion blur in MR if i want to do an anim of that model.
Old render still visible here :