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iPad KittyHawk Wall…

I sometime make some iPad wallpapers with my images for my own use , you can find some few posted here on this blog… But will try to post some more often.
Here is one from a new serie done with the Kittyhawk/Finn models.
or DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Right-click, open in new window)
More to come.
Btw, since i’ve found some of my images posted on some sites without my consent , Please be kind to read the – TERM OF USE – of the images included in this site.

If you like good desktop images/ Wallpapers for iPad, or for Mac, here a good adress :
Not aviation related, but my favorite photo blog of the moment…

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  1. Le 8 août ’11 à 15 h 53 min | Permalien

    Merci ! Ce sera ce soir sur mon ipad

    • Le 8 août ’11 à 23 h 33 min | Permalien

      Cool ! content que ça plaise :)
      Il y en aura d’autres…