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Fuselage Bump done… (And wing update).

Finished this Weekend. Did the greyscale bump map in Photoshop, then converted it to a normal map with Gimp… Cause the Nvidia normal map Photoshop plugin doesn’t work on MacOS …

Anyway works very well with Gimp. Go figure why Photoshop doesn’t have a normal map filter as standard :/
here a bunch of images :

Wanted to try normal maps, but in the end i may very well use just the bump maps…
Here the progress on the wing textures:

2 commentaires

  1. Jorge
    Le 16 sept ’10 à 5 h 11 min | Permalien

    First let me say amzing work!!
    Look I got this-maybe-stupid question, do you use Autodesk 3d for do all this??,I just discover it and I`m trying to learn because I want to built a SU30MKM for FS9 or x I just want to make it as cool as this P40, or like that BEAUTIFUL Mirage3, I know I cant pretend to do the same you can just begining, but well, any advice is welcome….Just tell me the sofware you use please!
    Thank you so much!

    • Le 16 sept ’10 à 21 h 23 min | Permalien

      Thank you Jorge.
      I use Maya for this cartoon P-40, for the MiG and Mirage also… And i use Blender for the F-4E Phantom II.
      But 3ds max should be just as fine for doing your Su-30. Very good software. Check this forum, if you don’t know it already :
      Military Meshes
      You should find a lot of nice models done with 3ds… Check models done by Skyraider3D, or Peter, amazing work.
      And a lot of thing to learn from there.