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Old renders…

No modeling… but a lot of photoshoping.
This WE i tried giving the kind of treatment i used on my Shahak#59 book images on some of my many MiG-21 renders. But with a kind of more old pictures look. Hope it makes the trick…
Also worked on some profiles.
Egyptian Air Force (Federation Of Arab Republics eagle markings) MiG-21PFS Bort 8025:

Egyptian Air Force (United Arab Republic two green stars markings) MiG-21FL Bort 5081:

Profiles of Egyptian Air Force MiG-21PFS Bort 8075:

CZ Air Force MiG-21PF Bort 0404:

VVS MiG-21PF Bort 257:

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  1. Hamm
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    Simply Awesome !!!