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Cheap fuel.

That was the time… Kool & The gang , King Crimson, Françoise Hardy… The DS, the Renault R16 , Apollo, « La Séquence du Spectateur » on Tv  (well , i’m French…)…Ect… And silver fighter jets burning cheap fuel with lot of smoke.

A friend kindly provided me with rare image of a Algerian air force MiG. Unit unknown, time must be in the late 60′s, early 70′s.
So here is MiG-21 FL Nmr 31, just lightning post-combustion and starting to roll for takeoff.
And here again at the end of the runway , lo & fast , retracting gears :

In fact, i couldn’t find any pict showing MiG-21 smoking that much… So don’t know if it’s correct , but it’s kind of cool, so did it like that. it’s more usually seen with phantom or MiG-29 engines…
Very simple metal livery.

Roundels only on the wings.

The fin flag is reversed on the right side, green first. I’ve checked pictures, it seems to be the rule…

And iPad walls here :
or DIRECT Mig21682 DOWNLOAD (Right-click, open in new window).

or DIRECT Mig21685 DOWNLOAD (Right-click, open in new window).

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Edit: Of course i forgot that the flaps should be set at 25° for takoff :/ …