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Renders 663 and 667.

So this is a kind of follow-up of these « Miroir, mon beau miroir » images…
It’s from the bunch of renders i did at the time, but didn’t set in a scene properly…
Now it’s done for that one at least .
Still continue with that old 60-70′s washed colours photo look that i like a lot.
Prepared a iPad wallpaper from that one :

It’s a bit cropped due to the original image format ,
or DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Right-click, open in new window).

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The second plane in the background is Shahak N°45 (here in fake number « 745″).

From 117 Sqn « First Jet », in 1967-68. Credited with three kills, a Iraqi Hunter, a Iraqi MiG-21 and a Lebanese Hunter.

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    Toujours aussi bon !

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      Merci M’sieur :)
      Btw, Je me suis permis d’ajouter ton blog dans ma page de liens…

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    Merci :)
    Il faut vraiment que je le remette à jour ce blog … tombé dans l’oubli