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Yes a plane ! Can you believe ?… This is a model of the Boeing 2707-200 SST project. The aerodynamic concept was very sound, having a delta wing platform for supersonic cruise, best shape for it, and a low sweep wing platform for takeoff and … Read More >


Deltas Fight

Ok, well, i’ve always dreamed of making a good aviation film…Imagine that .I don’t have much talent for animation, but i’ve tried a short anim with my old MiG and Mirage models. Learned AfterEffects, Maya dynamics/particles… ect for that. Very slowly as usual. that’s what … Read More >


Renders 663 and 667.

So this is a kind of follow-up of these « Miroir, mon beau miroir » images… It’s from the bunch of renders i did at the time, but didn’t set in a scene properly… Now it’s done for that one at least . Still continue with that … Read More >

2011 First image

Happy New Year ! Well i’ve not been very active these last weeks… but anyway here my first 2011 image. Still working on that Spook model, very slowly, nothing much to show…Seeya later, and all the best 2011.

1er post …

Comme test , je poste ici des images du Mirage que je n’avais pas posté sur MM. Et voilà un lien vers la gallerie du Mirage IIIc . Gros plan du pif… As a first post test, here are some Mirage images i didn’t posted … Read More >