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3d on a PowerBook

One of the first 3d software I used for work was StrataStudio pro, I remember using Adobe Dimension and Mesh3D before that but really started doing detailed works on Strata. Was in 1999, was doing things with Dimension, remember doing a V-1, But the thing was very limited… Then a guy from the IT service at the office told me « hey , we have a StrataSomething box at the office, nobody use it… do you want it ? ». Tada… StrataStudio Pro 2.5.

So my next big job was to learn that stuff while recreating a Messerschmitt Bf-109G in 3d, renders to be published in a magazine. I remember doing the renders on a PowerMac G4 « graphite » at the time, but can’t remember the exact speed. Remember it was slow.

Anyway, now i’m collecting old PPC Macintosh laptops, and the other day I stumble across that same Strata box I got in 1999 at the office. And I still have that Strata Messerschmitt file ! Why not trying some renders again on one of my PowerBooks ?

I selected a powerBook G4 Titanium 1Ghz like the one above, maxed with 1GB of RAM,  running macOS 9.2.2.

That was faster than what I had at the time . Then I did the postwork on the MacBook in photoshop…

Here some raw images without postwork, just out of Strata.

Not too bad for a 17 years old software on a 14 years old laptop eh :) ? Of course it’s fairly basic, no bump maps (it was possible though, but above my knowledge at the time), all planar mapping, no uv-unwarpping, no soft shadows… etc…

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