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I’ve recently had someone interested in some prints of my works.
And as a mater of fact , I have a neighbor who is a printer. Had in the back of my head to order him a print just for test for quite some time now, but never took the time…
That was the occasion. It turned out super nice. So tried with another one, this time a large print of one Boeing SST model render :

Size is 900 x 400 mm, on a hi-quality photo satin paper. Original render is 5669 x 2500 pixels , so I had to enlarge it to 10630 x 4688 to get 300 dpi at 900 x 400 mm, but I can’t see quality loss on the print !
No noise at all like on the detail picture above, my camera is crap.
It’s a bit expensive, but super quality.

Glued the thing on a foam-board with spray glue, Then sprayed a protective mat varnish. Couldn’t find a semi-mat one… But anyway, very happy with it .

So now I have the project to make a set of 10, each numbered and signed by yours truly.
Would charge each 120 € (+ shipping). Would ship only the print in a tube , not the thing glued on foamboard, that would be too fragile.

If anyone interested, contact me at galgot(at)free.fr