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Start of the year with an old thing… I think it dates back from summer 2005. This is a Dewoitine D-520 fighter I did during holidays , was intended to be integrated into the TargetWare 0.64 combat flight sim, never was. Started the cockpit model, but never finished it, due to lack of time/interest & other things to do… The plane model is only 2992 polys, very low by now flight sim standards, but it was TargetWare specs at the time.

Here are three images, but more are visible in the >Dewoitine D-520 Gallery<

while browsing old files, opened this old model and started doing MR renders... Always surprised how MR can make things look good ;P

Happy New Year



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  1. Le 7 jan ’10 à 18 h 58 min | Permalien

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  2. millrat
    Le 8 fév ’10 à 2 h 07 min | Permalien

    That is nicely done. I’ve played Targetware for years, but it seems to be dead now. Surely someone else could use it??

    • Le 8 fév ’10 à 20 h 25 min | Permalien

      Hi Millrat, thanks for comments. As for using it in another flightsim… I think it’s too lowpoly now. Me too used to play a lot at TW… Now i’ve just been on TW forum, There seems to be some good news :

      Let’s hope it’s true…