Archives par mois : septembre 2010


Works on Finn textures resumed, he received some face colours… Meanwhile i did some wallpapers with his now fully bump mapped Kittyhawk model , 1920×1200 : Click and open images on new window to save it. Will have to do a dedicated wallpaper page some … Read More >

The old Mule…

Ten years ago, i did a small online monograph about the Avia S-199 Mezek, using the nickname « P.Willowood »… That website was called « The Mule Index ». In fact my cartoon Mezek model was inspired by an earlier drawing I had done for that site… There was … Read More >

Fuselage Bump done… (And wing update).

Finished this Weekend. Did the greyscale bump map in Photoshop, then converted it to a normal map with Gimp… Cause the Nvidia normal map Photoshop plugin doesn’t work on MacOS … Anyway works very well with Gimp. Go figure why Photoshop doesn’t have a normal … Read More >

3 weeks without computer…

That was a long time it didn’t happen to me … Just to say these are not my holidays pictures. Came back last week, finished the UV set up for three 4096×4096 pixels maps, and just started the fuselage map… Here some images.