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And wallpaper again !

Yes! two post in a day…Did that shot with a MiG render one evening, trying to fake an hdr photo with photoshop. well , it doesn’t look really hdr, but more like an old picture. And it’s my wallpaper now :) One 1024×1024 iPad format … Read More >

iPad wallpaper compression …

Did myself a few iPad wallpapers with some wireframe Spook renders i like. But i have a problem… Why do some wallpapers, these in particular , appear highly compressed (like saved at low quality .jpg format) when they are set as wallpaper on the iPad … Read More >


While i’m still slowly unwarping the Kittyhawk UVs and modeling the Spook, I take time to play with the iPad. Here is a iPad wallpaper done with SketchBook : Color correction and resizing in Photoshop (cause sketchBook doesn’t make 1024×1024 images :/ ). Tried to … Read More >