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Smilodon Print

This is also something from 2013, but i recently made new renders and picts of it, and it was never posted here…
My second 3d print try. Wanted to do something unusual for me , and that i liked very much. I find Feline skulls are some of the most beautiful organic objects. Extinct big cats ones in particular. While browsing for references , i found there are so many species, with so many variations in skull « design ». Beautiful.

 Have taken Smilodon Fatalis , a Sabertooth big cat.

Sure some experts would find flaws on the model… But anyway looks fair enough to my taste.These new Cycles renders are from blender 2.70, i used the very good new wireframe modifier for render #14. Note also i used a good trick from Andrew price’s BlenderGuru for using vertex color to add dirts on objects.

Was very happy about the 3d Print. Also ordered at Sculpteo.

But this time i picked « polished plastic » as material and was even more impressed by the result than with the Hans Pervitin bust.

The thing is about 8 cm long, printed in two parts, skull and jaw. I had modeled some small pins and axes on the jaw, but it ended up too small for the printer , so i had to remove carefully a bit of material with a cutter for the jaw to rotate and close correctly.

Sure you can see some very small printing lines on some part, but they are so fine, the surface is very smooth compare to my first try.

But my cat is not much impressed by these teeth…