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here some progress on the Spook wings. The spoilers and air-brakes are cut out… wing tips antennas, wing folding fairings are done. Next i have to do the flaps and leading edges flaps. Then another wing version with the leading edges slats… Mmmhh… Spook is … Read More >


Blender. The new 2.5 version interface, and the possibility to customize the key-mapping ( so i can use Maya hot-keys) decided me to have a try… So far , i’m focussing on the modeling part. And must say, i like it. It’s refreshing to discover … Read More >

MiG Wires…

Someone asked me to see some wires and how the parts are broke-up on my old MiG model… So here. First two images shows the meshes unsmoothed : And here a screen showing smoothed Fuselage parts, canopy, fin… Wings are left unsmoothed. Cheers