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Well , nothing really exciting on the Spook front… Been very slow on that. But anyway worked on the external stores. Did the TER (Triple Ejector Racks) and Mk 82s bombs with extended fuses. I plan to do the MER racks for the centerline pylon … Read More >

Spook face…

Well the Spook needs a crew. So i started this, and overdetailed a bit… But anyway, it will be of some use, even for other planes. And had this in mind for some time : HGU. I think it is a HGU-33 , not sure … Read More >


Playing with Finn and his Kittyhawk… Did two more renders Also worked on the Spook today , Corrected the canopy shape a bit , and added some fuel tanks :

Today’s work

Did some Aim-7 Sparrow missiles for the Spook. Small corrections on the gun fairing shape : And some corrections done also on the rear part , near the blowpipes. But still some work to do there… :

Phantom not dead…

Worked a bit on the Spook model, before playing again with Finn and the Kittyhawk since they are finished… Did the tailplane, « Midas4″ F-4E cannon muzzle, tail hook, inboard weapon pylons and two models of Sidewinder missiles and their rails, and some antennas… Blender 2.55 … Read More >

And wallpaper again !

Yes! two post in a day…Did that shot with a MiG render one evening, trying to fake an hdr photo with photoshop. well , it doesn’t look really hdr, but more like an old picture. And it’s my wallpaper now :) One 1024×1024 iPad format … Read More >

iPad wallpaper compression …

Did myself a few iPad wallpapers with some wireframe Spook renders i like. But i have a problem… Why do some wallpapers, these in particular , appear highly compressed (like saved at low quality .jpg format) when they are set as wallpaper on the iPad … Read More >


Did the engines on that Spook Blender model, modeling was easy, but the rigging of the nozzle petals was a slow learning experience :D Anyway, it works now: Also refined and finished the slatted wing… : Still some areas to refine on the fuselage mesh…


here some progress on the Spook wings. The spoilers and air-brakes are cut out… wing tips antennas, wing folding fairings are done. Next i have to do the flaps and leading edges flaps. Then another wing version with the leading edges slats… Mmmhh… Spook is … Read More >


Blender. The new 2.5 version interface, and the possibility to customize the key-mapping ( so i can use Maya hot-keys) decided me to have a try… So far , i’m focussing on the modeling part. And must say, i like it. It’s refreshing to discover … Read More >