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Deltas Fight

Ok, well, i’ve always dreamed of making a good aviation film…Imagine that .I don’t have much talent for animation, but i’ve tried a short anim with my old MiG and Mirage models. Learned AfterEffects, Maya dynamics/particles… ect for that. Very slowly as usual. that’s what i’ve been working on from time to time during the past month. Originally wanted it to be longer, with some lo flying and fighting over the desert, but eventually got tired of it. So decided it was finished after the first two kills… So time to update that poor neglected blog .
Here it is (see it in HD on Vimeo) :

It was fun, specially with AE, Playing with lights effects and all. learned a lot also in Maya.
Doing the music with GarageBand was fun too.

The last scenes/renders are in fact of much better quality than the first ones, cause i learned along the way.
Still , it’s very far from perfect. Specially the planes movements… But i’m satisfied with the look.
Render time took ages with scenes with a lot of particles (fire and explosions …) , in 30fps at 1080HD resolution.
Changed computer during the course, now a MacBook Pro 17  » 2.4 GHz i7 , much faster. The last 17″ MacBook model, seems Apple will not do 17″ laptop anymore… :( Until an eventual retina 17″ screen price drops significantly maybe.
Here a breakdown of the effects on the MiG ejection sequence:

And a shitload of walls :) screens from the HD vid, Ctrl-Click , open in new window to save.
Please be so kind to read the – TERMS OF USE – of these images. thanks.

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